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PayPal Ordering Information

  • This is the information you need if you are having difficulty making a PayPal payment. UPDATED 23 June, 2010
  • When a pay by PayPal order is received, we first determine that all items are in stock before issuing an invoice. We initiate invoices for each order. Please pay from this invoice.
  • When you place your order, your order is reviewed by a human being in our offices and you will not be invoiced via PayPal until your items are ready to ship. This is for both your protection and ours .
  • You must provide us the email address linked to your PayPal account in your order. That is the address we will invoice. Payments made from the "PayAnyone" tab and payments with unconfirmed addresses have been blocked for security reasons.
  • We will not ship to an address other than the address listed in your PayPal account. This is for your protection!
  • We take your privacy seriously. We do not ever buy, sell, exchange, trade, lend, fold, spindle, or mutilate customer lists or information. We will not release your information to anyone outside Sewing unless legally required to do so.
    Nor do we ever telemarket. The only reason that you would get a phone call as a result of this order form is a problem with your order. Please do enter a phone number at which you can be reached. It is frequently a lot quicker and easier to handle things over the phone than via email.
  • When you place your order via our secure server, you will receive an automatic email, repeating your order back to you. If there are any corrections to be made, please let us know by replying to this message.
    If you need rush delivery, please call our telephone number (Due to issues with our toll-free number, we have discontinued it. We have created a Google Voice number that will forward directly to our mobile phone during business hours, and be available to take messages. You are welcome to send texts to that number as well. Somehow our toll free number got into a database that is calling it all hours of the night, from non-existant phone numbers. The very best way to contact us is by sending an email though the web site! If you must phone us, our Google Voice number is Four-zero-two, seven-three-nine, nine-four-seven-five. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this causes. ) to order.
  • All orders must be pre-paid: we will not ship C.O.D. .
  • Our mailing address is:
    Sewing Central
    1940 West Dublin-Granville Road
    Worthingon, OH 43085.
  • Patterns are usually shipped US mail, and all orders to PO Boxes must be shipped US Mail. We can also ship UPS Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, USPS Express Mail, Fedex Ground and many other choices. Please telephone us if you need one of these options.
  • YES! We ship overseas! Shipping charges vary. Global Priority Flat Rate and Standard AirMail are not trackable. You may specify a trackable method of shipping. It is a little more expensive, but it can be tracked. We will not be responsible for packages shipped via a non-trackable method.
    Shipping charges to countries other than the United States vary widely. If your shipping address is outside the United States, then the shipping costs on your order form is not a quote for shipping costs. We will ship your order by the fastest economical method. If you are concerned about the charges, please ask for a quote in your comments: you will receive a quote by return email, and your order will not be shipped without your approval.
  • We CANNOT, however, mark a customs form "Gift" or otherwise attempt to evade Customs fees, GAT, GST, or the like. This practice is illegal in the United States, where we reside, and could cause us to be fined and the goods seized. Please do not ask -- we simply will not do it.
Please feel free to call the standard store number of 614-578-9734.

Due to issues with our toll-free number, we have discontinued it.

The very best way to contact us is by sending an email though the web site! If you must phone us, our personal number is 614-578-9734. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Our hours are :

  • 9 am ET to 6 pm ET (GMT-5), Monday thru Friday