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Photo Gallery


The Sewing Central Gallery is expanding beyond our photo albums!

Come back often to see it updated with more pictures of all the wonderful clothing you, our customers, have made with our fabrics and patterns.

If you would like to submit a picture for the gallery, please send it to info at with your name, phone number (for confirmation and filing purposes), and what fabrics/patterns you used. We will give you a $10.00 credit, in an account on our books, for each picture that we use in the gallery.

You retain your copyright on the photo, but, by sending it to us, you agree that we may use it on our website and/or in other publicity materials.

If you appear in a photo in our gallery, and you do not wish us to use the photo, please notify us via our contact information listed at the bottom of this page, and we will remove the picture as soon as we can.


Our hours are :

  • 9 am ET to 6 PM ET (GMT-5), Monday thru Friday
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