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Corsets and Underwear of All Periods

smbusks.gif (5k) Corset Parts - Center front clasps, steel stays, hoop wire and Rigilene boning

Mantua Maker 1700-4: 1740-1780 Oblong Petticoats are designed to cover panniers, and are individually adjusted for the panniers' width. They can be made in the wide English style or the narrow French style. The pattern includes ideas for decoration.

Price: $9.00 SALE! $7.00 While supply lasts.

Mantua Maker 1700-5: 1550-1840 Under Petticoat is a simple petticoat design, with optional flounce, colored band, quilting, or for a pleated middle layer or outer round petticoat. Adjustment for panniers discussed. Sized Petite (24" waist) through XL (44" waist) included. This is brochure form, instructions only, no paper pattern needed.

Price: $1.75

La Fleur de Lyse 1750: French Soldier's Small Clothes

This pattern includes the following pieces:

  • Military Cap
  • Waistcoat
  • Breeches
  • Underpants

INCLUDES FIVE SIZES (Chest / waist): 38"/30" - 40"/32" - 42"/34" - 44"/36" - 46"/38"

Price: $32.00 SALE! $24.00 While supply lasts.

sm712t.jpg (8k) 712T 712T - Past Patterns Apron front hoop skirt with hoop flounce. Flounce buttons on for added skirt support. 1850's - 1860's. Multi-size waist from 25 1/2 to 39 1/2.

Price: $20.00 SALE! $10.00 While supply lasts.

Truly Victorian 121: 1879 Petticoat with Detachable Train Truly Victorian 121: 1879 Petticoat with Detachable Train. This skirt gives support behind the knees for tied-back style skirts of 1877-1882. It is slim in front, with netting to hold the back with a center front closure. A detachable train buttons onto the hem of the petticoat. Natural Form, does not fit over bustle.

Price: $15.00 SALE! $10.00 While supply lasts.

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