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Corsets and Underwear of All Periods

smbusks.gif (5k) Corset Parts - Center front clasps, steel stays, hoop wire and Rigilene boning

Mantua Maker 1700-4: 1740-1780 Oblong Petticoats are designed to cover panniers, and are individually adjusted for the panniers' width. They can be made in the wide English style or the narrow French style. The pattern includes ideas for decoration.

Price: $9.00 SALE! $7.00 While supply lasts.

sm712t.jpg (8k) 712T 712T - Past Patterns Apron front hoop skirt with hoop flounce. Flounce buttons on for added skirt support. 1850's - 1860's. Multi-size waist from 25 1/2 to 39 1/2.

Price: $20.00 SALE! $10.00 While supply lasts.