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Sewing Central takes your privacy seriously. We will not sell customer or browser information to anyone, nor reveal it to anyone without compelling legal reason, such as a court order. Our customer database is not Internet-accessible. does not use cookies.

Sewing Central does, from time to time, send emails to an email list of customers. This list is strictly "opt-in": a potential customer must specifically request that he/she be added to the list. All requests to be removed from this list will be honored as a matter of course.

Because patterns and books are so easily copied, we regret that we cannot accept the return of patterns or books. We will cheerfully replace defective copies.

Because fabric loses value when it is cut, it would be virtually impossible to re-sell odd lengths of fabric. Therefore, fabric is non-returnable. Swatches of most of our fabric are available at no cost, and we urge you to take advantage of this policy before ordering.

Because the majority of our fabric is all-natural, there will be natural slubs and variations in weave. Defects other than natural slubs and weave variations will be dealt with on a case by case basis.